Mayor Talib is a lyricist and a lover of life based in Charlotte. The Queen City is Talib's hometown and he loves representing it through his music and on any platform where he is invited to share his talents. 

Talib started rapping as a senior in high school and has released four mixtapes under different artist names. He makes fun-loving, arrogant, and humorous party/pre-game hip-hop music with a splash of introspection and spirituality. Talib's lyrics and beat selection are influenced by legendary Dirty South and East Coast hip-hop artists. His music has been featured on HBCU Gameday's No Huddle, HBCU Gameday's website, and the Makin' A Difference podcast. Talib is known for his deep voice, signature word play, and song writing abilities. 

In 2017, Talib released "Catfish Are Delicious", which was his first retail album. The 11-track project served as his formal introduction to the music industry and showcased Talib's versatility as an artist. He is currently working on a yet-to-be-titled EP which will be released in April 2019.

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