About Mayor Talib

Mayor Talib is a lyricist and a lover of life from Charlotte, North Carolina.  He started rapping as a senior in high school when he and his friends decided to record a rap song to an instrumental they had laying around. Mayor Talib's bars were crazy weak back in the days, but writing those weak rhymes sparked his interest in becoming an artist/lyricist. 

Mayor Talib's musical influences include the South's three greatest Rap duos: UGK, Outkast, and Clipse. He has been writing and recording music intermittently throughout the years.  The school thing has occupied most of his time.  Mayor Talib has earned degrees from Florida A&M, the University of South Florida, and the University of Georgia.  Even though life’s ebbs and flows have consistently shifted his priorities, Mayor Talib's love for making music continued to grow. 

Mayor Talib is known for his deep voice, signature word play, and story telling abilities. He did not want to release a retail album until he knew he was talented enough to go bar for bar with the best. That time is now.

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